Real Patients Reviews and Testimonials

    review rating 5  Aesthetic Dentistry was nothing short of amazing from the initial phone call to Dr. Aboulkhair diagnosing and alleviating my oral crisis. I was experiencing excruciating pain related to an infected wisdom tooth. My current dentist was out of town so I was left trying to find another dentist who could see me urgently. I left a voicemail with Aesthetic Dentistry regarding my needs. I also contacted another nearby dentist office who stated I could come in to be assessed. Unfortunately, this assessment led to the dentist suggesting that I wait to get the tooth pulled and be on antibiotics for a week. He also mentioned that if he attempted to remove my infected wisdom tooth today he could not guarantee that there would be no pain, excessive bleeding, or effectiveness of the numbing agent. He also mentioned that it would probably take him 2 hours to remove the tooth. After hearing back from Aesthetic Dentistry, I left and Dr. Aboulkhair removed my tooth in under 5 minutes with no pain!!

    thumb Yalanda Lester

    review rating 5  I came to dr mostafa for a second opinion on an implant and found him to be very knowledgeable and more reasonable on the price. I came in for my surgery that lasted no more than an hour. After the numbness wore off i experienced no pain whatsoever. I didnt even need the pain meds perscribed. His assistant, tracy was very sweet and comforting! Thank you Dr. Mostafa for a pleasant painless experience! If you need a dentist, this guy is it!

    thumb Gary Joyner

    review rating 5  Dr.Mustafa and his staff are exceptional! I have been going to this office for the past 4 years and through all the procedures and cleaning visits, it has always been a positive experience. Even the wisdom teeth removal appointment was painless, in under 2 minutes he had removed all 4 wisdom teeth and the recovery process was quick. I have been to other dentists and the only one I have been consistent in visiting was Anesthetic Dentistry.I am very glad to have found this dental office as my oral health has significantly improved. It is very clear that Dr.Mustafa and his staff care about his patients and love the work they do. Thank you Dr.Mustafa, Tracy, and Patricia!

    thumb Uomna Sho

    review rating 5  Very happy and satisfied with the great job he did with me. Great customer service as well.

    thumb Nancy Allam

    review rating 5  Also want to the great work of Becca. She was pleasant and patient with my questions and very informative of what’s happened and what’s next. Thanks

    thumb Bill Sinclair