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Dr.Mostafa Aboulkhair and his team know that your smile, can light up a room and give you the confidence to step out into the world, we make every effort to give our patients the happiest, healthiest smiles in Fairfax and our surrounding communities.  A smile makeover can begin with something as simple as a whitening procedure, realignment of your jaw with orthodontics or have the depth of a complete reconstruction or your teeth to give you a brand new look.

Every individual is unique and each personality is looking for a one of a kind smile, At Aesthetic dentistry of Fairfax we make your smile our passion and take your desires to heart.  We believe in patient education to help make the best decision to fit your needs, and schedule our patients with one on one time to ensure you have Dr. Mostafa’s undivided attention.




Dr.Mostafa Aboulkhair is always excited to change a patient’s life, by giving them the smile and cosmetic look they desire.  We have provided a list of many of the cosmetic services we provide for a smile makeover, take a look below and call our office to start planning your smile makeover at 703-218-8142

Tooth whitening:
is highly recommended and is the first and simplest way to change your smile instantaneously. If you decide to have porcelain veneers, crowns or full mouth reconstruction. Whitening is best done first to aid in matching your new porcelain to the white of your natural teeth.

White or tooth Colored fillings:
used to replace old amalgam “silver “fillings and give the tooth a clean natural appearance.

Dental bonding:
restorations used to repair stained, small chips or cracks in the front teeth.

Porcelain Veneers:
a more solid restoration placed on your front teeth to give them more shape and a vibrant cosmetic appearance.

Gum Contouring:
a procedure performed to reduce and reshape the gum tissue to expose more natural tooth surface and give you a broad and white smile.

Dental implants:
titanium screws placed in the bone to hold the place of a natural tooth, strong, supportive and never decay.

Porcelain Crowns:
a solid restoration that can change the appearance, and give the natural tooth strength when it is weakened by the forces of life.

Dr. Aboulkhair is highly trained with a master’s eye in Aesthetic Dentistry, his approach to cosmetic dentistry is going to give you the smile of your dreams.  And allow you to walk into the world with utmost confidence.  Our team is always enthusiastic and waiting to assist you with scheduling your cosmetic consultation today.  Call now at 703-218-8142.

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