Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA

Endodontic Treatment Fairfax VA

Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA Program

Our Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA program is growing. Endodontic Treatment in Fairfax VA has become higher in demand over recent years. In the past, there were a number of people who would either worry or shy away from the concept of Root Canal Therapy. The truth is, they are often caused by tooth decay or severe trauma which requires attention. Root Canal Treatment can be the saving grace for relieving a patient of pain and saving the vitality, longevity or lifespan of a tooth.  When the nerve of a tooth becomes irritated it will become inflamed and send off signals to a patient letting them know something may be wrong. Endodontic Treatment is the answer for addressing these concerns. 

If you are experiencing any tooth aches or pains, don’t hesitate to call us today at (703) 218-8142 to schedule your Root Canal Treatment in Fairfax VA.

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Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA
Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA

Dental emergencies should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid permanent or costly damage. If Dr. Vandana Sethi determines that root canal therapy is necessary, you will be made comfortable with plenty of anesthesia and sedation dentistry is always an option to help relax you during the procedure. With advances in technology, a root canal is quick and painless. The tooth is opened and the nerve chamber is cleaned, removing disease or bacteria from the nerve space within the root, and then sealed off to reduce the risk of any further infection and then often times restored fully with a crown to secure the integrity and vitality of the tooth, toothache, pain in the teeth, jaw or gums, broken teeth, knocked out tooth, broken fillings and swelling in the gums or mouth.

If you are currently experiencing pain or discomfort while chewing or biting on your teeth or have severe pain, don’t wait any longer. Dr. Vandana Sethi and her team at Esthetic Dentistry available to help you get relief through Endodontic Treatment in Fairfax VA . Call us today at 703-218-8142 to learn more about our Root Canal Treatment Fairfax VA program.

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