Periodontal (Gum) Disease and Treatment

Periodontal (Gum) Disease and Treatment

Periodontal disease or gum disease is a kind of bacterial infection or inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissue that supports your teeth.

Periodontal care is the treatment in dental health care for your gums and supporting bone.  The early stage of gum disease or “gingivitis “is very benign and reversible. However it can quickly progress leading to bone loss, loss of teeth and lead to very costly treatment or destructive consequence if left untreated. Our team at Esthetic Dentistry of Fairfax provides optimal care to combat periodontal disease,  from scaling and root planing combined with antibiotic therapy followed by routine periodontal maintenance and if needed soft tissue laser treatment.

After the Initial comprehensive examination performed by Dr.Vandana Sethi, he will determine if you will need periodontal treatment or a regular hygiene prophylaxis or “cleaning.”   If he determines you will need periodontal care we will begin with a procedure called scaling and root planning.

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Scaling and root planing in our office is done comfortably while using plenty of anesthesia, Dr. Vandana Sethi or our hygienist will effectively remove plaque and calculus from under your gum line to stimulate healing in the gingiva. There may be times when antibiotics will be used to help reduce the bacteria and infection in the surrounding tissues this will help promote gingival health.  Our team will sit with you and explain a daily home care regimen of brushing, flossing and mouth rinse that will help you prolong the positive effects of the scaling and root planning procedure.

Following scaling and root planning each patient is given a personalized treatment plan to determine when you will return to our office for routine maintenance of your teeth and gums.  Periodontal maintenance is exactly what it sounds like.  We use this system to maintain the recurrence or progression of gum disease.    Our team cares about your gingival health and want to provide you with comfortable, compassionate care.  If you have bleeding gums or are concerned about your teeth, make an appointment for an evaluation today. Call us at 703-218-8142.

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