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Our Invisalign Fairfax VA Program

Teeth straightening is our mission as we focus on modern orthodontics using clear braces through either our ClearCorrect or Invisalign Fairfax VA program. This method of teeth straightening offers a way for patients, especially adults, to feel confident about themselves, as clear braces or aligners, are not as visible as traditional metallic gear .

Teeth straightening starts by identifying crooked or misaligned teeth.  Patients can have the flexibility to choose which type of clear braces they want with either our ClearCorrect or Invisalign Fairfax VA program.  Currently, Invisalign is the popular choice but we want to give you the option to choose which method of orthodontics we use for your teeth straightening. 

Call us today to learn more about how you can get your customized invisible aligners for teeth straightening through our program options.

This system works similarly to traditional braces for teeth straightening, however, you will not have wires or brackets to clean around. Aligners are practically unnoticeable in a public setting  and easily removable allowing you to eat, brush and floss throughout the day with no frustration.

The process is very simple to get started with orthodontics or teeth straightening. You first meet with Dr. Sethi to determine which aligners you prefer, as ClearCorrect is a strong option as well.  After your initial visit, you will return every 4-6 weeks Dr. Sethi  you will visit our office and see Dr. Vandana Sethi every 4-6 weeks to ensure that your aligners are helping your teeth straightening progress.

Our Invisalign Fairfax VA program typically lasts between 6-18 months depending on the situation. Call us today and start working towards achieving a beautiful smile through orthodontic teeth straightening.

Invisalign Fairfax VA
Invisalign Fairfax VA
Clear Braces Fairfax VA

Is Teeth Straightening Expensive?

Although certain areas of Northern VA can be considered pricey, both our ClearCorrect and Invisalign Fairfax VA programs are affordable options. Just as with traditional metallic braces, insurance companies typically provide coverage for orthodontics, which include visible aligners.

.To learn more about our current teeth straightening offerings, check out our Invisalign promotions and schedule an appointment with our Fairfax Clinic. 

Call us today at 701-218-8142 and begin straightening your teeth through either our ClearCorrect or Invisalign Fairfax VA program.

Make a great first impression through a beautiful smile.

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