Gum Lift and Recontouring

Gum Lift and Recontouring

One of the many cosmetic enhancing procedures we are proud to offer our patient at Esthetic Dentistry of Fairfax is gum lift and recontouring.

Gum lift is a safe, simple procedure used to remove excess gum tissue that is too long, enlarged or extends over the tooth surface giving you a short gummy smile.  Dr. Vandana Sethi is highly trained with the soft tissue laser ensuring that your treatment time is short and little to no anesthetic will be needed. He will direct the laser beam directly to the gum line to make a small precise incision, this will seal the gum tissue as the procedure is performed, you will experience no bleeding or damage to your teeth or gums.

After your treatment, you will leave our Fairfax office with instantaneous results, a broader, wider more tooth-filled smile.  With the ability to resume your daily activities.  For more information, contact our office at 702-218-8142 and schedule your cosmetic consultation today.

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