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Two cosmetic and highly functional restorative procedures we provide for our patients at Esthetic Dentistry of Fairfax are Porcelain Crowns and Bridges. Both procedures are used to restore and improve the look of teeth that are damaged, missing or decayed. They also give the patient the confidence to smile brightly and restore the bite to fully function allowing you to smile, chew and speak properly.

Crowns are also known as a “cap” it is made of ceramic and sits on top of a natural tooth, like a house to protect damaged teeth and is also used to change the appearance of a tooth’s shape and color. A crown can also help to align your bite. Crowns are the restoration of choice when you are trying to protect a severely decayed or broken tooth, used to cover an implant or give a tooth that has had a root canal strength and durability. Dr. Vandana Sethi uses the highest quality materials available for crown and bridgework and is available to answer any questions you may have regarding a need for a crown or what it entails.

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Both Crowns and Bridgework are similar in preparation; Dr. Vandana Sethi will reduce the tooth or teeth that are to be restored reducing the surfaces of the teeth to a smaller version of teeth themselves. “Like a thimble”. An impression is taken for the dental lab to fabricate a ceramic restoration to fit perfectly to size. Our office will make you a temporary restoration to wear while the lab fabricates your crown or bridge. This generally takes about 2 weeks between procedures. Upon two weeks, you will return to the office and the crown or bridge will be cemented into place as a permanent restoration.

A dental bridge consists of one or more false tooth/ teeth cemented into place using adjacent teeth for support, this helps to restore the full function of your bite, a dental bridge is a cosmetically appealing procedure used to close space and maintain your facial features, a dental bridge prevents natural healthy teeth from moving out of position that can lead to problems with chewing and speaking.

Crowns and bridgework are part of restorative dental treatment, they help rebuild and improve the look of teeth. These ceramic restorations can revive your smile and correct the function of your bite.

Our office is here to provide you with the best cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry available. Call (703-218-8142) our office to consult with our doctor about your dental needs 

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